The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds

Pet Sounds (The Beach Boys Album)

Pet Sounds (The Beach Boys Album)

The “The Beach Boys” where founded in Hawthorne, California in 1961. The band was originally composed of three brothers, one cousin and one friend. Their names are Brian, Dennis and Carlson Wilson, their cousin Mike Love and friend Al Jardine. Prior to the recording of Pet Sound, the music and image of the Beach Boys was great. They where looked as the competition of the Beatles. Brian Wilson went from a frustrated artist and producer to man behind the creation of The Beach Boys Album “Pet Sound”. Mr. Wilson states that the inspiration that drove him to create the “Pet Sound” album came from his favorite album “A Christmas Gift For You” produced by Phil Spector.

One characteristic that set the “Pet Sounds” apart from other records at the time was how Brian got creative overdubbing over eight vocal tracks to create a nice sonic bed. Another characteristic is how he utilized multi track acapella voice tracks as reference for other musicians to understand the concept of the project. When working with professional musicians Brian made sure to keep his profanity on check. The overdubbing of strings was another of Brian’s techniques.

I love how well organized Brian was when it came to music arrangement. He will have a printed score ready for musicians with their individual parts. This allowed the musicians to practice more effectively. Don Randi, the keyboard player for Pet Sounds stated that, “They were the band and Brian was the leader”. Brian always knew what he wanted and how he wanted it. He always invested all the necessary time to get the desired results. As an industry professional, I have a good impression of the “Pet Sounds” albums. I’m very pleased with the uniqueness of the concept and the quality of the final product. As a listener I can really enjoy the musical and vocal arrangements on every track.

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