The Beatles‘ Revolver

Revolver (Beatles album)

Revolver (Beatles album)

The “The Beatles” where formed in Liverpool, in 1960. The band was originally composed of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. The Beatles where international stars, known mainly for their love and girl songs. Even prior to their 7th album recording “Revolver”, the Beatles had a proven chart success record. The vision for this record was to create something that was not a love or girly tune. This approach changed the direction of “The Beatles” music career.

Drugs where the non-musical interest that influenced the music and lyrical content of the album “Revolver”. The psychedelic experiences really steer the album into a new direction. The 1st recorded song for “Revolver” was “Tomorrow Never Knows” which changes the way artists and engineers enter the studio. This later became the last track in the album. They used the studio as an instrument during the recording of Revolver. They experimented with the room acoustic characteristics, different speakers, among other things to create a unique sound.

One of the innovations found on Revolver is the use of the Leslie speaker cabinet. This was used in “Tomorrow Never Knows”. Another great innovations was the automatic double tracking (ADT), invented by EMI engineer Ken Townsend on 6 April 1966. This technique used two linked tape recorders to automatically create a doubled vocal track. The standard method had been to double the vocal by singing the same piece twice onto a multitrack tape. The Beatles were reportedly delighted with the invention, and used it extensively on Revolver. ADT quickly became a standard pop production technique, and led to related developments, including the artificial chorus effect. The Fairchild limiter was designed to duck loud sounds to avoid clipping. As a listener I can enjoy the cool ideas and concepts in the album. As an industry professional I can analyze and learn how thinking outside the box can sometimes be just what we need. I really like the high level of attention to detail in the production. I’m grateful for all the time invested in exploring ways to evolve music to the next level. Learning what has been successful in past productions provides me with the inside I need to incorporate this knowledge into my own productions.

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