Kraftwerk are considered the pioneers of Electronic Music! Ralf Hutter and Floridan Schneider formed the German electronic band back in 1970. Their music is composed of simple lyrics with an experimental driving atmospheric repetitive sound combined with rhythmic patterns
that are composed of beat box style drum machines, guitars, bass, electronic organs, flutes, violins, synthesizers (Minimoog, ARP Odyssey), vocoders, distortion and computer-speech technology. Kraftwerk was honored by the Grammy Academy with a Lifetime Achievement Award in January 2014.

Krafwerks experimental music efforts led to Phonogram’s investment towards the creation of the Minimoog and the EMS Synthi AKS. This gave Kraftwerk a technological advantage that lead to the 1974 album release of Autobahn which peaked at number 5 on the USA Billboard top 200. From that point on Kraftwerk had drifted into their unique musical signature sound that separated them from everyone else active in the music industry at that time. Following the success of Autobahn’s tour, Kraftwerk started working on their next album “Radio-Activity” at their now upgraded Kling Klang Studio.

“Radio-Activity” went gold in France but wasn’t as successful in the UK and USA markets. After the Radio-Activity tour, Krafwerk when back to the Kling Klang Studio and start working on their 1977 release Trans-Europe Express that was release by EMI France. In May 1978 they released The Man-Machine. It took 3 years for Kraftwerk next release “Computer Work”. One cool factor on the Computer World album is the electronic vocals that where created with a Texas Instrument Language Translator.

Kraftwerk is without doubts the biggest influencer in Pop music and biggest contributor in electronic music’s history. The way they incorporated visual concepts into lyrical themes and album covers is what has influenced the worlds top artists, DJ and producers in today’s electronic music genre. Their production quality was very good and admirable.

I have really enjoyed listening and learning about Kraftwerk. I love the complexity and randomness of their musical patterns. As an industry professional Kraftwerk has inspired me to explore the unexplored, consider anything and everything. I respect them for their work ethic and technical knowledge. Thank you Kraftwerk for expanding my musical pallet and thank you for reading my blog!


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