Electronic Music Innovations


Tijs Michiel Verwest better known as “Tiësto” is Dutch musician, DJ and record producer of progressive trance, trance, progressive house, psytrance and electronic dance music “EDM”. He was born the 17 of January of 1969 in Breda, Netherlands. He has released work under various names but the most known work is under the name DJ Tiësto.

Following his years of working along DJs like Armin Van Buuren (as Alibi) and Ferry Corsten (as Gouryella), Tiësto decided to branch out on his own. He founded Black Hole Recordings along Arny Bink where he released the Magik and In Search of Sunrise CD series. Tiësto later leaves the label to set up Musical Freedom. Tiësto was the first DJ to hold the DJ Magazine’s No 1 DJ in the World title three consecutive years (2002, 2003, 2004). His fame arrived in the late 1990s after his set at the first ID&T Innercity party (Live at Inner-city: Amsterdam RAI), and it continued to skyrocket in the early 2000s following his six-hour “Tiësto Solo” sets, which he performed without any other DJs or opening acts.

 In 2004 he released his second studio album, entitled “Just Be.” The album contained a #1 hit, its single “Traffic,” which was the first instrumental track to reach the top spot in his homeland of Holland in 23 years. The album also brought a new trance anthem known as “Adagio for Strings,” which is a remake of Samuel Barbers classical song “Adagio for Strings.” In addition to this, a huge event made the release of the album “Parade of the Athletes” possible, the 2004 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony in which he became the first DJ to perform live at the stadium.

 In 2007 Tiësto released his fourth studio album, “Elements of Life” which was a great success even though it had fewer singles. The album was nominated in the category “Best Electronic/Dance Album” at the 50th Grammy Awards. He released “Kaleidoscope” in 2009 and features the song “I Will Be Here” with Australian dance act Sneaky Sound System, which was released as the lead single. The album entered the Dutch album charts at #2. It also debuted at #20 on the UK album charts.

He has been honored with countless national and international best DJ awards, being named Officer of the “Order of Orange-Nassau” by the Dutch Royalty, and being voter by the Dutch people as their 40th greatest citizen of all time. He was awarded with a national Dutch prize of the Golden Harp. In 2008 Tiësto was nominated for a Grammy Award for his album Elements of Life. He has won 48 awards out of 61 nominations. Tiësto has been active in the industry since 1985-present. He has work with labels Noculan, Basic Beat, Lighting, SXV Music, Black Hole, Ultra and Musical Freedom. With associated acts with Gouryella, Kamaya Painters.

As a listener, Tiësto gives me the impression that the party is just getting started. His tracks are great for workouts because of their length and up beat tempo. As an industry professional Tiësto has reminded me that there is no limits to the possibilities in transducing love in the art form of music, thanks for reading!


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2 thoughts on “Electronic Music Innovations

  1. Hey Laurentino,

    I have never heard of Tiësto before until now and I really enjoy the stuff he makes, it makes you want to move and dance so I can for sure see working out along with his stuff. It is hard to find a descent DJ these days and ones who have their own pizzazz, but he has a certain unique sound.
    Your facts were interesting and gave great information, your blog pages are very well formatted and your post flows wonderfully. Tiësto is definitely an artist in my playlist now, so thank you for choosing him so I could learn something new. I enjoyed reading your post and hope you succeed, maybe we will collaborate together in the future.

    Best of luck,

    Forest Green


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