The Value of Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

While searching the Internet for news articles that discuss work that was protected by any form of intellectual property I decided to discuss an article from The Washington Post. The article is titled “15 years ago Congress kept Mickey Mouse out the public domain. Will they do it again?” What a title right!

After reading the article I have determined that the intellectual property at issue is copyright. Copyrighted work is very valuable to his owner because it rewards its author with a set of exclusive rights. Copyright law grants its author exclusive right to make and sell copies of the work, the right to create derivative works and also the right to perform or display the work publicly. This law protects the copyright works until seventy years after the authors decease.

In this case I think that the reason that the copyright owner as protectant to work is not valid. In this case the owner of the copyrights are corporations not the actual artist that created the work. I think that there should be specific statue to cover the remakes of public domain works. Protecting the integrity of the author’s vision in their work is relevant, because that is the essence of the work itself. This protection is essential and necessary in order to secure the artist vision.

The reasons that the author wants to prevent others from using the cover right at work are not valid for me. I believe this because the work that was actually created by someone else to begin with is being used for commercial interest not artistic therefore it should be part of the public domain and the 1998 Copyright Term Extension Act (CTEA) should be annulled.

The possible consequences of work not being protected by intellectual property would be that the artist would not benefit from his or her creation. The artist will not be able to license the work and the work will pass into the public domain for others to use and benefit from without a license agreement. Thanks for reading!


Laurentino Nieves Cruz


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