RIP! A Remix Manifesto

I really enjoyed watching the video and learning about how the law that was once designed to protect intellectual property, is now being utilized to control intellectual property instead. The movie has many great storylines lines, however, the storyline in the movie that I believe was the best and most compelling illustration of copyright law was Brazil’s story. I really like the story of Brazil because it inspires me creatively. Is awesome to see how we can come together and collaborate into making the world a better place.

The current copyright laws could hinder creativity by limiting access to copyrighted works. If copyright law was created to promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries, why corporations own must licenses today instead of the creators of the works? I think that the current law is working against our intellectual property and moral rights.

Mashups should be legal, free of copyright infringement and considered fair use. Perhaps mashups are the evolution of music technology and a new way to express art. It’s very easy to appreciate how mashups are assisting music in evolving. Today’s music industry is moved by the new generation of DJs remixing the great work that has been created throughout centuries. I think that copyright law should be focus on the intent of a possible copyright infringement. Most music and today entertainment industry is not 100% original; most of it is derivative work or sample-based ideas. We can use Kanye West as an example; he’s a well-known producer that does not make beats without samples, therefore, Kanye West breaks the law every time he makes a beat unless he has prior permission from the copyright owner which usually is not the case.

My opinion is that the copyright law has been wrong since it’s creation. First of all, how can someone offer me exclusive right to what I have created? The copyright law is wrong because it goes against our moral rights, it fails to protect our intellectual property and it provides a monopoly for corporations. The first thing I would change in copyright law will be that copyright will only be entitled to the creator of the work meaning a human entity not a corporation. Copyright will not be transferable by contract and only transferable by blood, meaning that if I create something my son will inherit the rights to my works and it will be passed down generations. Once the original copyright owner has ceased to exist the work will be available for others to build upon with no initial payment for using the work but 50% of any profit made from derivative works. This will provide an option for society to utilize the works already created to be used as building blocks. Their won’t be any fair or unfair use, instead the work would be either used or not. This way will be able to utilize all works created that are being hold hostage by corporations and society will be able to building upon them, thanks!


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